Paul Smith

One month ago today, Maxine Mills Smith arrived in this world. Her mom gave birth to her at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, at six in the morning. She was, and continues to be, a long and strong gal. She enjoys being carried about and looking up at the changing scenery. Like her father, she zonks out to the motion of a vehicle ride, be it stroller or car. She has healthy lungs, likes to exercise them, and is a vocal chirper. She has been respecting her mom and dad with 5 and 6-hour stretches of sleep at night, but likes to mix it up from time to time and throw her mom some napless curveballs. When she is awake, she is bright and alert. Given the choice, she’d rather have some light assistance and try to stand and monster march (I said she was strong) than squirm around on her belly like a beetle. Her binky is a frequent companion, and she is a champion eater of mom’s milk. The doctors and nurses at the pediatrician’s office think she is doing fine, and give her an extra wink. We think she’s is doing fine, too. Family love Maxine. Welcome home, my daughter.